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Philosophy of Teaching

Dr. Regina Helcher Yost

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Music is for everyone. As a teacher, I am deeply committed to the concept of “Music for All” … music for all ages, races, economic levels, and abilities. I believe everyone is capable of learning music and should be allowed the opportunity. My teaching philosophy supports complete advocacy of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and fully denotes empowering and respecting individuals’ rights of ethnicity and origin. My flute pedagogy seeks to empower and encourage students on their musical journey, focusing on their unique and authentic personal goals. I am an advocate of life-long learning and creating a foundation of role models and mentors to my students. 

I teach because I love music and want to share the joy of music with others. Personally, I developed my own voice and confidence through music at a young age. Music lessons guided my journey, teaching me valuable skills (ex. critical thinking, problem solving, and active listening). Music also provided a wonderful social network for me to develop lasting friendships. As a result, I endeavor to give back and pass along the knowledge I have learned to others through my pedagogy.

My personal teaching style is deeply rooted in collaborative and conversational teaching with my students. Rather than simply telling my students how to elevate their playing, my goal is to help my students learn by embracing inquiry and reiteration. My pedagogy aspires to create a strong sense of commaraderie within the flute studio, faculty, university, and community, and to promote a compelling regional and national presence. I believe our musical journey is centered around life-long, meaningful experiences which are created in more significant ways through sharing. I encourage my students to collaborate with each other and support their many endeavors and discoveries along the way.

My flute pedagogy embraces a non-dualistic philosophy uniting the mind and body. My teaching focuses on kinesthetic awareness, Alexander Technique, and Body Mapping to help students perform at ease while reaching their highest potential and reducing performance anxiety. My own research centers around the significant relationship between kinesthetic movement and the enhancement of performance musicality and its connection to the reduction of performance anxiety. I encourage my students to cultivate their own research ideas and to always strive for academic excellence in all their classes. I also promote entrepreneurship skills in my pedagogy by exploring new creative options and collaborations, such as combining various chamber music ensembles in concert and creating video recordings to support local charities and organizations.


Overall, I believe that music is a universal language which cultivates understanding, acceptance, growth, and love throughout the world.

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